Meet the wonderful Brazilian craft brewery located in São Paulo


Founded in 2014 by Luiza Tolosa, Cervejaria Dádiva is a Brazilian craft brewery located in the state of São Paulo. Three years after its inception, Victor Marinho came on board as Head Brewer and business partner to Luiza, and since then Dádiva has launched more than 220 different beers, each brimming with creativity, innovation, and the highest quality ingredients.

“Friendship and festivals are usually the beginning of most collabs, and this time was no different”, says Luiza. “We most recently ran into The Garden Brewery at a couple of festivals around Europe, but we’ve known them for a long time, and are flattered to have been invited to collaborate on this project.”

Dádiva is working hard to reduce its reliance on single-use packaging and plastics, and where this isn’t possible, to use only compostable or recyclable materials. “One of the less sustainable packages we use are kegs made with PET”, says Luiza – that’s polyethylene terephthalate, a clear, strong, and lightweight plastic that is widely used for packaging foods and drinks. “Unfortunately, we have not found a solution for not using these at all, however we do use steel kegs to try and reduce our PET consumption. For the last four years, we’ve collected empty PET kegs from our clients and to give them the proper destination, routing them to cooperatives.”

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