Juguetes Perdidos

Meet one of the most esteemed independent breweries in South America


Juguetes Perdidos was founded in Argentina in 2015 by three close friends with a love of home brewing and a wealth of experience between them. Now, it’s one of the most esteemed independent breweries in South America. Juguetes Perdidos was the first craft brewery on the continent to acquire a coolship and has been making good use of it, developing wild and mixed fermentation beers, all the while expanding its barrel project to fill a cellar with over 300 barrels of different sizes. After attending many beer festivals in Europe, and running ‘FCE Juguetes Perdidos’, an “Extreme Beer Festival” with breweries from all around the world, Juguetes Perdidos has recently expanded its operations with a base in Spain. 

“We do a lot of collabs around the world, it’s part of our beer community to share knowledge and make friends,” says Ricardo Aftyka, Juguetes Perdidos’s co-founder. With its history of global collaborations, it’s no surprise that this isn’t the first time Juguetes Perdidos has collaborated with The Garden Brewery. In fact, just last year they made a triple IPA Maradona’s tribute beer with 10 breweries, 10 hops, 10 malts and 10 degrees of alcohol (4% ABV). 

“We love and respect their beers and their philosophy,” Semilla says of The Garden Brewery. “Craft beer is an effective tool to give visibility and engage people with different issues. Argentina has one of the biggest potable water reserves in the world and we would like to keep it this way, so the environment is something we have to take care of, and we must help to spread the message.”

Like many other breweries, Juguetes Perdidos feeds spent grain to local livestock, uses non-polluting products for cleaning, and transports beer in cans and steel kegs to reduce the impact of its activity on our planet. Semilla says the positives of these actions are two-fold, on the one hand it means less pollution and on the other it saves costs by making production and transport more efficient.

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