Brussels Beer Project

The pioneer of circular economy brewing


With experimentation, collaboration, and impact built into the DNA of Brussels Beer Project, this brewery is not only a well-known player in Belgium’s craft beer scene, but is a pioneer of circular economy brewing. One of the brewery’s earliest beers, Babylone, was the first beer in the world to be made from unsold bread, and has proved the first of many upcycling projects undertaken since it was first made, in 2015. The brewery now recycles over 10 tonnes of unsold bread per year, and operates across two sites, one production brewery in Port Sud and one lambic brewery in Dansaert, as well as five taprooms in Brussels, Paris and Tokyo.

“We’ve been good friends with The Garden since they came to Wanderlust, our Anniversary Festival” says co-founder Sébastien Morvan, “we like their work and philosophy, and were keen to participate in multi-collab project that puts sustainability first and foremost”

Beyond beer, BBP has always aspired to be an example of what a responsible company looks like, and through its various actions has garnered the support of an active 5,000 community members who back the brewery financially. For BBP, this makes it imperative to give back, be a fair employer and brew sustainably. “Our new brewery in Port Sud, Brussels, is designed with such goals in mind, and combines best practices in terms of CO2, water & energy use” says Sébastien, “For instance, we reuse our hot brew water to heat our building and avoid any use of fossil energy. Electricity used is either coming from our own solar panels or from local wind energy”. BBP is also shooting for B Corp status in 2022 and is working with accredited, third-party consultants to track & reduce its footprint. The newest string added to BBP’s bow, a brewery in Anderlecht, will use local wind and solar energy to satisfy the majority of its electrical needs, and use the hot water produced in the brewing process as the only source of heating.

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