Totenhopfen Brauhaus

Introducing you to a Luxembourg-based, woman-led powerhouse


You may not have heard of Totenhopfen Brauhaus before, making it our sincerest pleasure and privilege to introduce you to them. Although still in the contract brewing stage of development, this Luxembourg-based, woman-led powerhouse is one of the most conscious and ambitious breweries participating in this collaboration. For this bunch of brewers, “craft beer stands for quality of life. It’s about having fun, getting to know people, sharing, socialising and constantly being challenged and surprised”. The extent to which challenge and surprise are welcomed at Totenhopfen Brauhaus cannot be overstated, with their environmental ambitions being flanked by an advocacy for better gender representation and equal pay in the brewing industry.

“We wanted to be involved in this project because we believe that sustainability and water conservation are unavoidable issues that need to be addressed by our industry” says Patricia Garbelini, Totenhopfen’s CEO/Brewer/All-arounder, when asked why it got involved in this collab. “We are committed to improve quality, stability and sustainability.” 

While Totenhopfen currently collaborates with breweries all over Europe to make its beer, Patricia is conscious that the need to brew in other facilities doesn’t always give full control over the process, particularly when it comes to taking sustainable and eco-friendly measures. It’s for this reason that the brewery is in the process of acquiring its own facility, where it can take better control over its carbon footprint, and reuse and repurpose all waste in order to minimise the impact of the production process. 

While making plans for the brewery, Totenhopfen Brauhaus is also currently brewing a beer for the Télévie Mertzig, a charity in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and French-speaking Belgium, for the benefit of the Scientific Research Fund (FRS-FNRS) supporting the fight against cancer. 

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