Stu Mostów

We're catching up with Stu Mostów about their sustainability efforts


Poland’s Browar Stu Mostów proudly brews classic and new wave beers that aim to rediscover tradition using the trends and technologies characteristic of the contemporary beer scene. It’s ultimate aspiration is to showcase how rich the world of beer can be, by brewing a diverse range of styles that are as radically delicious as they are radically different to each other.

“We have been friends with the team at The Garden for quite a long time” says Jamie Martin, Stu Mostów’s Export & Business Development Manager. “We share similar values and practices when it comes to sustainability and being eco conscious; we both try to use locally sourced ingredients and work with local farmers as much as possible, so when The Garden approached us about doing a collab we were more than happy to get involved in such a great project.”

Stu Mostów’s aim is to promote sustainable development and a lifestyle in which people generate as little waste as possible. Since the brewery’s inception, it has minimised losses in raw materials, semi-finished products and post-production waste by either using wort, spent yeast and grain in its kitchen, or donating waste to local farmers. In the brewery, Stu Mostów also has several elements to reduce energy costs, such as heat energy recovery technology implemented during the cooling of wort, and energy recycling systems, such as that which preheats beer about to go through the pasteuriser, with beer that comes out of the pasteuriser. This allows for a very low consumption of additional heat energy.

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