The ultimate collaboration brewery based in Chicago


Founded on the premise that art, culture, food, and drink should be shared and enjoyed in company, Chicago-based Marz Community Brewing Co was created as a platform for ongoing experimental collaboration, in the beers it brews and with the culture of the city as a whole. Starting in a storefront in 2013, using a quaint three-barrel Psycho Brew system, Marz now operates on a 15-barrel brewhouse, with 15 and 30-bbl tanks, a 15-bbl foeder, its own canning line, and a continuously growing barrel program, all designed to allow Marz to make small batches of handcrafted beer, kombucha, yerba, shrub sodas, and house-made seltzers. Since its creation in 2013, Marz has worked to grow strong communities everywhere, manufacture products sustainably, and support art and culture in all its manifestations. 

Marz came to the Restore our Earth project through friendships with members of the Garden brewing community, but is perfectly suited to participation given its ethos and approach to community and sustainability. Like many breweries, Marz does its bit by recycling waste, reusing spent grains by providing them to local farms, and using packaging materials that are compostable or recyclable. “We also support our local community by providing meals to those who are food insecure,” says brewery president, Ed Marszewski, “and donate our products to dozens of local galleries and non-profit organisations to help them raise money for their projects. Many of them work in the environmental and social justice arena.”

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