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Tradition, heritage, and time-honoured practices can produce incredible whisky. But for every rule that must be obeyed and every statute that must be honoured, you lose an ounce of originality and a spark of free spirit. Enter Spearhead whisky. 

Crafted at Loch Lomond distillery, the whisky is made using 100% malted barley and an extended fermentation time of 92 hours before distilling in a Coffey style still. The continuous distillation process creates a lighter style of spirit, without compromising on quality, which is then matured in ex-bourbon barrels and finished in a combination of infrared & fire toasted virgin American oak barrels. The use of infrared toasting is a first in the Scotch whisky world and allows intricate flavours to be extracted that make the spirit sweeter and more like bourbon.

This results in a liquid that’s lighter, sweeter and pairs perfectly with craft beer. In England it’s a half & half; Scotland, a hauf & hauf; or a boilermaker in the US. But Spearhead keeps it simple and goes with ‘spear & beer’, wherever you are. 

Launched in July 2021, the whisky brand has started working with several craft breweries in the UK including Fierce Beer, Loch Lomond Brewery and Campervan Brewery. Partnerships have brought to life some incredible pairings through boilermaker menus and online tastings, with the first cask swap collab soon to be announced. Pairings have included:

Vanilla Porter – works with the vanilla pods and dark chocolate notes found on the nose of the whisky.

Citrus IPA – tropical flavours and soft bitterness combine perfectly with the red apple and lime notes in the whisky. 

Crisp Pilsener – clean, full flavours compliment the blackberry and blackcurrant notes of the whisky.

You can find spearhead whisky in a number of bars across the UK and/or pick-up a bottle with 10% OFF and free shipping using code BEER52 on www.spearheadwhisky.com

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