Siren Craft Brew

• • • Best Session IPA • • •


While bold beers make the most noise, a brewery’s bread and butter will be the sessionable style that drinkers can enjoy a couple of with friends. This has always been the case, but since the onset of the pandemic lower ABVs have come into increased demand from more health conscious consumers, and next-generation drinkers. The reality facing brewers is that the stakes have never been higher when it comes to making smooth, balanced and endlessly drinkable beers. 

While being a forerunner in this field, Siren is reluctant to take its foot off the gas when it comes to the possibility of improvement. This summer the brewery delivered on one of its most ambitious projects to date: Time Hops. 

This single-hopped series is all about storytelling, showcasing some of the most influential hops of our time through some of the beers that made them famous. It culminated in four unique beers, a documentary on the Craft Beer Channel, a beer festival in Reading with 1000 attendees and tastings at events like the Great British Beer Festival and London Craft Beer Festival. 

Head of Marketing Andy Nowlan says the series has “changed the way we think about using hops”. The beer in this month’s box is a product of that newfound knowledge when applied to the brewery’s flagship beer, Lumina, which Siren launched in 2020 with the help of Beer52 and subscribers. 

This beer is carefully balanced to get the pininess of Simcoe, the citrus and tropical hits of Citra and the zesty orange of Amarillo. Together they create even more than the sum of their parts, with layered flavours in a beautifully soft mouthfeel.

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