Two Tribes

• • • Creative Community Award • • •


A creative community blurs the lines between chef and philosopher, scientist and DJ; it acknowledges the creative impulse as universal, and celebrates that what we do with it is different. Nowhere better realises the potential of brewing to support adjacent industries and be enhanced by other art forms than Two Tribes Brewing, which we’ve nominated for this award on account of its work in Tileyard, King’s Cross. 

Tileyard is a creative hub packed with publishers, music labels, and recording studios. It’s owned by a landlord with a singular vision. Instead of renting space in the traditional office format, Tileyard offers studios and writing rooms to people working in the music industry. Today, this hotbed of creativity is home to 150+ studios, Apple Music, Pioneer, Soundcloud, and, crucially, Two Tribes.

Having worked in the music industry for some 20 years before turning to beer, founder Justin Deighton was well connected with people working in Tileyard, who knew he was on the hunt for the right place to build a brewery. He opened Two Tribes in 2018, at the heart of this creative quarter, to provide artists, writers and musicians in the area with somewhere to socialise, collaborate, and network. 

The brewery was a huge success, and a few years later Tileyard’s landlord got back in touch to ask if Justin had any use for a large car park adjacent to the Two Tribes site. Naturally, Justin got straight to work designing Campfire. 

Opening in April 2021, the Campfire concept embodies the artistic and collaborative culture nurtured by Two Tribes,inviting world-class chefs to cook on an open fire to a soundtrack curated by local DJs and musicians. I’d call it Rock and Roll if it wasn’t so hipster, and maybe I’d call it hipster if it didn’t have such solid grassroots connections with creatives, not struggling but fighting to produce and share collaborative art with the world. 

Justin says: “The thing we’ve done this year that’s been most important to me and the ethos of the brewery is partner with a community radio station based in King’s Cross, called Voices Radio. It was set up by a couple of young guys who have bags of energy and are really embracing the young talent that’s out there across all genres in music. They’ve got a roster of 100-odd DJs gagging to get out there and play music, and they’re committed to diversity and inclusivity in all forms. I was really inspired by what they were doing and I wanted to help them.”

In partnering with Voices Radio, Two Tribes provides the station with space for their DJs to play, and will bring them into the fold at every opportunity. “A lot of these guys don’t make much money and while we can’t pay them a fortune, every little helps,” says Justin. Two Tribes also supplies the station’s pop-up bar with kegs that can be used to generate revenue for operations that would otherwise be self funded. “We’re called Two Tribes because we’re all about collaborating,” says Justin. “We’re about bringing other people into the beer world from sectors that support and are supported by the brewing industry, and doing so under a creative umbrella. Combining beer, music and art is in our DNA.” 

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