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Depending on who you ask and what brewing tradition they’re coming from, the importance of having a taproom ranges from being essential to a privilege, but in either instance factors including location, design, and accessibility all contribute to making the space a notable success. This year, instead of focusing purely on these criteria and naming a ‘best taproom’, we wanted to consider what breweries do with the space they have, to think about how a taproom can function. Our pick for Best Taproom Event therefore goes to BBNo, for its work hosting the Riverside Festival in its Modern Warf taproom. 

BBNo’s Morden Wharf site in Greenwich opened in 2021 and is the location of its new brewery in a mid-century warehouse with incredible views across the Thames of the City of London. Speaking to Tom Ravey, BBNo’s marketing and events coordinator, he tells me that, now in its second year, a priority for Riverside remains “creating equal footing for breweries that attend, and focusing on integrating bars and stands so that no matter a brewery’s reputation, everyone has a good time and no one feels forgotten or left out”.

BBNo has set the stage for this festival by carefully curating the setup of bars and stands against the backdrop of its stunning, industrial brewery to create a space that lends itself to participating breweries' networking and enjoyment. “Some breweries are smaller or lesser known, others are still contract brewing, and we wanted to use the space we have to position these next to well established breweries from all over the world. We didn’t want anyone to feel like they were being forgotten, especially when the costs of attending festivals are a bigger deal for some than others. The least we can do is help where we can and ensure the breweries themselves have a good time.”

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