Best Beer Blog 2022

Good Beer Hunting


Calling Good Beer Hunting a blog feels a little pejorative, to be honest, yet here we are. Under the stewardship of editor-in-chief Claire Bullen, GBH continues to go from strength to strength, and is now one of the most progressive and bold voices the international craft beer movement has.

Its editorial programme is beautifully put together, always finding a curious new angle or insight, even on topics we’ve read about a thousand times before. In its long reads, we’re given that hard-to-capture feeling of dropping in on other people’s lives, cutting through the piles of beer marketing fluff which seem to get higher every year, and meeting the real people with something meaningful to say. As often as not, it’ll be someone whose voice would otherwise have been drowned out.

Its ‘Sightlines’ section is something else entirely. With considered yet bold journalism, there is seemingly no topic its planet-spanning team of writers won’t tackle, even when it puts the site at odds with deep-pocketed subjects (one can only assume its lawyers are kept busy). Its regular skirmishes with BrewDog management over the past 12 months have been particularly thrilling, as a spectator.

The overall impression is that, as an institution, Good Beer Hunting is buried very, very deep in the beer world, with an ear to the ground, an impeccable eye for a story, and friends on every brewery floor from Tijuana to Tokyo.

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