Festive gift guide 2022

Here's our picks for this year's presents


Pairs well with cuddles | Craghoppers

Nothing says "decent Christmas present" quite like a Craghoppers Sulivan Overhead fleece. It won’t look out of place around the breakfast table, or when worn over their favourite PJs (we're all trying to save on those fuel bills, aren’t we?) But it’s also perfect for layering up on that breezy post-Christmas dinner stroll, walking off the extra pudding consumed, before they collapse in front of the TV for the rest of the evening.

And for those dads, grandads, brothers, uncles who are likely to spill gravy all down themselves, after an IPA too many, then it comes in blue navy too. No need to thank us!

You will be winning on the eco-friendly gift choices too, as we recycle 80 pre-used plastic bottles to produce just one of these luxurious deep pile borg fleeces. 

RRP £60

www.craghoppers.com | @craghoppers

Howler Head bourbon | Master of Malt

Howler Head, made with the good stuff – real Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey aged for two years in American oak barrels toasted with an aggressive #4 alligator char. It is then blended with natural banana flavour for a smooth kick of bananarama goodness. At a full 80 proof, one taste and you will know we aren’t monkeying around. Official Flavoured Whiskey Partner of the UFC. Welcome to our Jungle!

www.masterofmalt.com | @howlerheadwhiskey

Keeps the right temperature | Stanley

Stackable and available in six different colours, this is a perfect gift that will last a lifetime thanks to Stanley’s Built for Life lifetime guarantee.

Vacuum insulation tech ensures that your favourite brew will be kept fizzy, tasty and at the right temperature for up to 4 hours – whether on top of a mountain or curled up on the couch. It will also keep mulled wine hot for 45 mins if you’re that way inclined. At £19.99, it’s a guaranteed winner for any eco-minded friends, outdoors-aficionados, or straight-up beer lovers.

uk.stanley1913.com | @stanley_europe

Premium Spiced Rum | Devon Rum Co.

Give the gift of artisan rum this Christmas with a bottle of Premium Spiced Rum from the award-winning Devon Rum Co. Every bottle is hand-crafted in the heart of Devon, using a unique blend of exotic Caribbean rums, soft Devonian spring water, aromatic spices, and fresh citrus zest. The result is a full-bodied spiced rum that's rich with flavours of charred orange peel, cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Enjoy it over a little ice, or pair it with fiery ginger beer and a good squeeze of lime for the perfect Christmas cocktail. RRP £38.95

www.devonrumcompany.com | @devonrumco

Expect the unexpected | Pact Coffee

Looking for the perfect gift for the coffee fan in your life?

Pact goes straight to the farmer to source the world’s best coffee, improves the lives of farming families across nine countries and roasts it in Surrey just days before it lands through your letterbox. Because freshness makes all the difference. 

Pact’s Christmas range has a gift set for every budget – starting at just £14.95. And delivery is always free.

There’s a number of portable brewing kits, indulgent notes of Christmas pudding in the Christmas Blend (available as pods, beans, ground coffee and decaf) and a wide selection of unconventional selection boxes – and you can choose from a number of artisan chocolates.

Plus, check out that Christmas packaging – a truly luxurious gift!

www.pactcoffee.com | @pactcoffee

Perfect hangover cure | LVDY

It’s Christmas party season, and we all want to have fun. But the morning after can be tough. Taking two LVDY an hour before drinking helps boost the antioxidants we need when we drink, and means our bodies can cope much better the following day. Made from 100% natural ingredients, our customers say ‘the next day was a breeze’ and ‘at last a hangover cure that actually works’. Try it for yourself, or as a stocking filler for the craft beer enthusiast in your life. Use discount code BEER52 for a 10% discount. 

www.lvdy.co.uk | @lvdyhealth

Hold my (fresh) beer; pinter is here | Pinter

This Christmas, enjoy 10 pints of award-winning Fresh Beer and Cider, made by you at home with every use; tapped right from your fridge when the flavour’s at its peak.  

Sleek, premium-finish, but more than just looks; it’s an unparalleled sensory drinking experience on tap. For the first time ever, freshly-hopped beer at home isn’t just a pipe dream – our patent-pending Hopper adds extra hops to the Fresh Beer inside the Pinter after fermentation. This hop shot opens the door to maximum flavour and maximum freshness. It’s Fresh Beer to the max.

Whether for a friend, family, or for yourself, with a Pinter you'll have Fresh Beer ready for whenever you want it. On hand without any hassle. Enjoy Fresh Beer this Christmas; the greatest gift on tap. 

For £30 off a Pinter, use the code FRESH38 at checkout before 10/01/23. 

pinter.co.uk | @pinter_freshbeer

Bake your own beer bread | JTS (Beer Bread)

The perfect gift for carb lovers! Who doesn’t love beer and who doesn’t love bread? Combine your favourite beer with the flavoured flour mix, bake in the oven and hey presto, a delicious homemade loaf of bread in no time. It’s so easy! Beer bread can also be used to make bagels, pretzels, pancakes, pizza bases, visit our website for recipes.

Flavours available are: Chilli & Garlic, Garlic & Herb, Olive & Rosemary and Original. 

Ideal as a stocking filler or to impress your guests this festive season. Buy now at our website.

shop.jts.co.uk | @jtsfairtrade

Boozy taste of Cornwall | Mother’s Ruin 1751

Mother’s Ruin 1751 was set up in 2018. Having served for 21 years in the Royal Navy (and still serving), Craig, the founder developed Cornish Blue Flamingo which proudly takes the name of the Duchy he lives in. A London dry Gin which contains some 16 unusual and scarce botanicals; some found growing in Cornish gardens and some exciting additions such as the antioxidant Açai berry sourced from Brazil. 

Alongside Cornish Blue Flamingo, they produce Commander Fox, an authentic old Tom gin and the newly launched Sea Maiden Rum. A smooth, dark and stormy spiced tipple. Sea Maiden is a sweet serenade to the shipwrecked and those lost at sea. Distilled from sugar cane molasses, Sea Maiden is infused with notes of vanilla, lime, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Use discount code BEER52 for a 10% discount.

www.mothersruin1751.co.uk | @mothersruin1751

The Roll Top | Stubble & Co

A great bag will last years and enable once-in-a-lifetime trips, making an epic Christmas gift!

Packed with functional features and timeless good looks, The Roll Top is Stubble & Co’s best-selling backpack. From cyclists and commuters to hikers and explorers, this is a gift for everyone. Lightweight, functional + waterproof, The Roll Top is made from the toughest recycled materials and designed for everyday use, whatever the conditions. Available in 6 colours. From £95 with free express delivery.

www.stubbleandco.com | @stubbleandco

Christmas day tipple | Maker's Mark

Looking for a remarkable gift that says it all this Christmas? 

Maker's Mark is a hand-crafted American Whisky with quality and flavour at the heart of everything we do. Never bitter or sharp, Maker’s Mark is made with soft red winter wheat, instead of the traditional rye grain, for a one-of-a-kind, full flavoured bourbon with delicate sweetness that’s easy to drink. Bottled at 45% ABV and non-chill filtered ensure a luscious mouth feel and long finish.

Available to buy at the following retailers: Tesco, Waitrose, The Whisky Shop, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Master of Malt and The Whisky Exchange.

www.makersmark.com | @makersmark

Welcome to your next adventure | Winexpert

Craft your very own Merlot or Pinot Grigio with Winemaking Starter Kits from Winexpert. With all the ingredients and equipment you need to craft and serve 4.5 litres of quality wine, this is the perfect gift for any wine lover. Using the highest quality grape juices and concentrates from the world’s preeminent wine regions, Winexpert brings true passion and winemaking expertise to guide you on an exciting and rewarding adventure. Available now at The Malt Miller.

www.themaltmiller.co.uk | @themaltmiller

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