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We’re a magazine and podcast devoted to exploring beer, wine, cider, food and travel and the joy we find within these cultures. 

Established in 2019 by writer Matthew Curtis, and brewer Jonny Hamilton, Pellicle is a website and podcast that aims to capture the joie de vivre we so often find within our favourite cultures. This might be at a favourite bar or restaurant, adjacent to a steaming brewhouse, or within an orchard or vineyard. At Pellicle, we hope to take you there with us. 

Our small team includes both Matthew and Jonny, along with our associate editors Lily Waite and Katie Mather. Our collective ethos is about celebrating what makes modern drinks culture so vital, through insightful journalism alongside beautiful illustration and photography. To us, the worlds of craft beer, natural wine, low-intervention cider – or whatever you like to call them – are as similar as they are different. Our aim is to bring people into these cultures by sharing our enthusiasm for them, all while hopefully bringing these worlds closer together in the process.

For our (almost) four years of existence, Pellicle has worked with freelance writers, illustrators and photographers to produce weekly features, from in-depth profiles of producers and their products, to features about different parts of beer, wine or cider culture that often aren’t explored. 

One thing we’re immensely proud of as a small publication is that all of our contributors are paid a fair rate for their work. We’ve achieved this through a reader-supporter “pay what you feel model” using a website called Patreon. We’ve never produced any paywalled or exclusive content, meaning that anyone can come and read Pellicle for free. However, if you enjoy the site and visit regularly we ask that if you can afford – say, the price of a pint per month – that you head over to our Patreon and set up a monthly donation so we can keep doing what we do.

2023 is a bit of a make or break year for our magazine. In 2022 we increased what we pay our contributors, and we’ve been steadily making a loss ever since. Our goal this year is to ensure that we become profitable, so we’re not only able to continue what we’re doing, but invest in our editorial team, and in turn give them the room to push our little mag forward creatively.

Head over to www.pelliclemag.com to check out our magazine, or listen to our podcast on all major streaming platforms including Apple and Spotify, by searching for “The Pellicle Podcast”. If you enjoy what you find, please consider supporting us, which you can do by signing up at www.patreon.com/pelliclemag

Please allow me to wish a massive, massive thank you to Ferment for giving us the platform to tell you about what we do. We believe beer culture is better if there is great writing informing, educating and exciting people about it, and like our friends at Ferment, that’s exactly what we’re trying to do. 

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