Arbor x Siren

A celebration of similarities and differences


Though now working in sales at Arbor, Amber Thorne was a member of the Siren team between 2018 and 2022. “I wouldn’t stop banging on about them so when Arbor bumped into Siren at a festival this year, we pestered each other until our brewers finally let us collaborate. Joking aside, Siren and Arbor have come up through the craft scene together but somehow after all these years have never worked together. We have a similar appreciation for the history and the future of the industry particularly when it comes to a well looked after cask beer. Having long admired each other’s work, this felt like a great time to finally get together and celebrate Siren’s milestone. Happy Birthday Siren!”

For Arbor, collaboration is “an exchange of ideas that often happens over the sharing of pints.” Collaboration is the epitome of how the craft beer industry is committed to taking on feedback, celebrating the achievements of others, constantly bettering ourselves and challenging the status quo. “For this collaboration beer, we wanted to create something that we all like to drink and may drink quite a lot of, so Divisible Invisible is a 3.4% pale that’s been dialled up to provide all the haze and all the hops you’d expect from a much stronger beer. With the title being inspired by ‘Splitting the Atom’ by the Bristol legends, Massive Attack, this beer is a celebration of our similarities and differences.”

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