Paradise for your plums!

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Fed up of uncomfortable ‘tightie whities’ that ride up and have holes so big you don’t know where to put your legs? Enter JustWears. A mens underwear brand disrupting the way we think about men’s underwear and comfort as a way of life. Certified B Corp™, the brand has reinvented decades-old underwear designs, swapping them with innovative new designs and next-gen fabrics whilst unwavering from their approach to sustainability, cost, and style.

Established in late 2018 by Yang and Alex, who fatefully met one night while travelling in Thailand, the duo identified a fruitful gap in the market sparked by Alex’s endless complaints about his uncomfortable underwear. As the UK’s most backed apparel campaign on Kickstarter, the brand quickly gained traction, appearing on BBC's Dragons' Den, and is now a global success story, with over 90,000 loyal happy customers.

If we had to guess, we are pretty confident that the pants you are wearing right now don’t feel as good as they could (unless of course, you are already wearing JustWears!) JustWears' is committed to reimagining traditional underwear with a focus on comfort. The brand's ingenious patented pouch design separates the 'plums from the banana,' providing

much-needed breathing space, banishing ride up, chafing, and sweaty discomforts. They say ‘It’s a palace for his phallus.’

Yang, the founder behind the brand, observed that “there seemed to be a choice between bank-breaking aspirational brands or poor quality value brands that ride up, chafe and fall apart after a few wears.” Traditional brands have dominated the £30 billion pound men’s underwear industry for decades, yet have failed to innovate where men need it most; in the nether region! The Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur started JustWears to provide underwear for men that improves wellbeing, whilst recognising that traditional brands’ aspirational messages don’t connect with men and instead create insecurities, doubts and body negativity.

Most essential wear products have been mass-produced with a lack of thought or care being put into the function of the humble, yet essential undergarment. JustWears set out to create much needed disruption in the market by elevating men's undergarments to a whole new level.

After travelling around the globe, comparing 40+ prototypes, and testing thousands of fabrics Yang discovered the perfect material unlike anything else currently on the market. MicroModal Air, a form of Viscose derived from wood pulp. This innovative fabric is not only more eco-responsible but also more durable, longer-lasting, and cooler than other allegedly sustainable materials such as bamboo.

JustWears incorporates sustainability into everything they do. It’s important to the team at JustWears to radically alter the impact garment manufacturing has on the industry. “Having experienced first-hand the impact unsustainable crops can have on the planet, the time is now to transition to better alternatives.” Yang describes. Working with sustainable forestry, the company are involved in reforesting initiatives that both offset their carbon footprint, but also increase forestry around the world too.

Although JustWears is nuts about making incredibly comfortable men’s underwear, they don’t stop there! After five remarkable years in the underwear industry, the brand has set its sights above the waistline with the launch of the Ultimate Comfort Tee. Made from the same innovative MicroModal Air fabric, in a premium 240gsm weight this t-shirt is crafted with meticulous care, offering a perfect fit and effortless style. By expanding their range, JustWears is striving to transform mens’ wardrobes, unlocking confidence through comfort! So what are you waiting for? Join the comfort crusade!

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