Barcelona Beer Co

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Barcelona Beer Company is far from a young company, and in fact, now in its seventh year, the brewery is in the process of transitioning from a small to medium size. But in the last six months, Barcelona Beer Company has also done a lot to solidify its identity, from expanding its offering (to include a lager), changing its packaging (to use more cans) and developing something of a core range, to finally fitting the brewery out with equipment (a nitrogen generator) that supports the sustainability standards to which it holds itself. 

These strides all wrap around a solid philosophy that Barcelona Beer Company has believed in since first opening, namely that quality beer should be accessible to everyone. It’s on the basis of this progress that Barcelona Beer Company is our Best Newcomer. 

We asked sales manager Fredi Nuñez what the brewery’s greatest achievements and challenges have been since opening. He says: “the thing we’re most proud of is definitely that we make beer from pure raw materials, I mean 100% malt, no additives, no sugars. In short, we brew beers that are loyal to tradition, quality and have been made efficiently. Our efficiency has allowed us to maintain a democratic price. Drinking natural beer shouldn't be a small luxury but a daily pleasure.”

Further supporting this philosophy is Fredi’s answer to the question “what advice would Barcelona Beer Company give to a younger version of itself?” To this he says: “don’t listen to the strategists that say the lower your price, the less your product will be desirable to your consumers. This idea is from the past; consumers today, regardless of their economic situations, look for the best quality at a fair price.”

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