At home in the Attic

Meet Attic Brew Co.


Having spent every school holiday with my Grandad in Birmingham during the 1980s and early ‘90s, it always amazes me to see how the city has been transformed in a relatively short space of time. Although part of me is definitely nostalgic for the old Bull Ring, with its concrete walkways and sketchy market traders, the complete remodelling of the centre in the early 2000s has had a palpable effect on the rest of this vibrant city, arguably creating space for brilliant new craft businesses like Attic Brew Co. to thrive.

Attic opened its doors in 2018, on Mary Vale Road between the communities of Stirchley and Bournville (yes, like the chocolate), and has always been a brewery firmly rooted in its home. While its cans and keg lines are a common sight throughout the Midlands and beyond, its heart clearly still belongs in its taproom, and bringing people together for a pint in full view of the busy brewery floor.

And rightly so; this wonderful, homely bar tells you everything you need to know about Birmingham’s favourite brewery. Twice named the best bar/pub in the West Midlands by the National Pub and Bar awards, Attic’s taproom is bright, relaxed, and the perfect spot to enjoy its beers – along with guest brews among its 20 taps – fresh from source. Lob in a rotating roster of the city’s best food vendors feeding hungry punters, and you have a true winning formula.

Beer-wise, Attic is definitely best-known for its hop-forward pales and hazy New England-style IPAs, though it also does a mean lager and characterful Belgian styles. From its best-selling Intuition pale ale down the list, all of Attics' beers are certified 100% vegan, and all are brewed with balance and accessibility put front-and-centre. Welcome to Birmingham's worst-kept secret.

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