Granite spirit

Robyn Gilmour catches up with Fierce Beer


Nestled in the North East of Scotland, Fierce Beer has been strengthening its roots in the great Granite City since founders, Dave Grant and Dave McHardy, were inspired to take up homebrewing by the growing craft beer scene in the area. After joining forces and starting Fierce Beer in 2015, the two Daves would tell you it was a no-brainer to stay in Aberdeen and embrace the enthusiasm for craft that has since then made the city into a destination for beer lovers. Needless to say, from its moment of inception the brewery has been a favourite of the growing Aberdeen craft beer scene and has been working to grow and deepen its relationship with the area ever since. 

“The support from the local community has allowed us to expand in ways we never thought possible,” says digital marketing manager, Stuart Charleton. “From opening our first bar in the heart of Aberdeen city centre in 2018, to moving into our new brewery in 2022, these things were only possible due to the incredible local support. Our surrounding community has played a huge role in how Fierce has evolved and developed over the years. We try to engage with the local community as much as possible and having a bar in Aberdeen’s popular city centre gives us that opportunity all the time”.

Through the latter half of 2023 and into 2024, Fierce has been working on a rebrand of its core range beer offering, even adding some fresh takes on historically popular brews to the staples we know and love. Stuart says: “the selection has something for everyone and will go well alongside our seasonal and limited edition range”.

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