Pure London

A true sense of togetherness


A five minute train ride from London Bridge to the heart of Bermondsey and the bustle of the city feels a million miles away. It’s here you’ll find stalwart of the Bermondsey Trading Estate, Fourpure, posted among the cluster of producers that attract weekend drinkers to the area. For senior brand manager, Vik Kastenbauer Stronge, it’s the fact that people go to the trouble of travelling to the beer mile from all over London — whether that be to brew, or drink — that invariably makes her grateful that Fourpure has a home among such a vibrant, creative and enthusiastic community. 

“It's the small moments that truly resonate with us,” says Vik. “Whether that looks like people travelling to the taproom to try a new beer or just meet a friend, it all affirms our place in the hearts of the locals. After all, our taproom isn’t just about the beer; it’s the laughter, shared stories, and instances of community coming together that really sticks with us. That’s when we can really feel that our passion for brewing has become a backdrop for something larger — a true sense of togetherness.” 

And that togetherness is coloured with a distinctly London hue. Fourpure’s beers tell the story of the brewery’s own slice of London. Vik continues, saying “we lean into the simplicity of our four key ingredients and let the quality speak for itself, everything else is inspired by the no-nonsense attitude of Londoners. Each of our beers is a tribute to our home; with Bermondsey Lager offering a crisp nod to the classic tastes of London, and Hazy Pale Ale swirling with the modern, bold hues of the local innovative spirit. Our Limited edition offerings in collaboration with Beer52’s Transport for London (TfL) theme further showcases this spirit, with our rich and robust Station Porter celebrating the hardworking station staff, and the vibrant Routemaster Raspberry & Mango Pale Ale paying a fruity homage to the iconic red buses of London.”

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