Thank Goodness

Onwards and upwards


The past year has been a whirlwind for Haringey-based brewery, The Goodness Brewing Co, with its vision of becoming a London-wide presence slowly but surely coming to fruition. A substantial expansion of the team, a new head brewer, and a subtle change in direction when it comes to beer itself, and the brewery is growing in every sense. The Goodness Brewing Co’s distribution is now 350 accounts strong, and selling in Fuller's and Greene King sites as well as independent pubs all across the city. 

Hailing from the North London district of Wood Green, the Goodness Brewing Co was founded in 2015 by friends Damien Legg, Mike Stirling, Joe Louis Sheasgreen, Oliver Newbery and Zack Ahmed. The team cuckoo brewed until May 2019, when it acquired a brick-and-mortar brewery and spacious taproom of its own. Five years on, redevelopment of the industrial estate that Goodness Brewing calls home will soon require it to up stakes and put down new roots elsewhere. However, since early 2023 the brewery has been in good hands, with head brewer, Josh Billington, at the helm. 

Having previously worked as a chef for eight years, across three continents and in some of the world’s best restaurants, Josh moved to London in 2017 and pursued a passion for fermentation and began working in brewing. After just 12 months at Old Street Brewery, Josh stepped up to the position of head brewer where, over the next three years, he oversaw an expansion into a new site that included 200% increased capacity, as well as producing and developing over 80 unique recipes. Now he's bringing that experience and passion to The Goodness, with exciting new collaborations and specials for 2024.

For example, after the success of its elderflower lemonade sour last year, the team will release a whole sour series this spring, including a breakfast fruit sour and watermelon sour. Brand manager Elaine Robertons has also advised that the brewery will be collaborating more with artists, after the recent success of a limited edition can which was illustrated by Sam Taylor for exclusive release at his AMP Gallery show in London. 

In the case of the brewery’s most recent collaboration with Beer52 and Transport for London (TfL), The Goodness Brew Co took inspiration from the London Transport Museum’s 100 Years of Posters when designing the label for its Cold IPA, Good Service on All Lines. Elaine says: "I loved the idea that an incredibly modern, world-class train system still referenced its past, historic stations, posters designed by hand. A transport system holding its past at heart while zooming into the future. It feels like Goodness, our small brewery is growing at an ever increasing rate while keeping our core values at heart. Much like the Tube itself, brewing takes all departments working together to make it run, so it was a pleasure blending all our brand guidelines and values into TfL's to make what is hopefully an iconic brew." 

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