Gran Luchito

The vibrant flavours of authentic Mexican cuisine


In 2011, the only Mexican food you could find in UK supermarkets came in kits packed with plastic tubs of spices and sachets of sauce that didn’t taste anything like the vibrant flavours of authentic Mexican cuisine. This is what stuck with Fergus Chamberlain, founder of Gran Luchito, when he returned from the trip of a lifetime around Mexico, where he was blown away by the flavours and ingredients of the food he tried. 

Upon his return to the UK, Fergus decided to create a brand that would celebrate the authentic taste and traditions of Mexican food. Gran Luchito was born in 2012, at a weekend stall in East London’s Maltby Street Market. Fergus was encouraged by the enthusiasm of early buyers, and it didn’t take long for him to make Gran Luchito his full-time job. 

Today Gran Luchito is passionate about bringing people together to enjoy the authentic taste of Mexican food, while supporting its customers, employees and the planet. The company’s decision to pursue B Corp accreditation was driven by an alignment of its vision with the high required standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

With supplier relationships being as old as the company itself in some instances, Gran Luchito’s B Corp journey began by working with these already strong relationships to create environmental efficiencies that focused on transport and packaging optimisation. For example, it moved to more sustainable packaging, where possible, changing plastic tubs and pouches to glass jars, and reducing the height of tortilla chip boxes so energy isn’t spent shipping empty space around the country. 

The company is also passionate about tackling food poverty within the communities it works with, and volunteers' time and resources to the cause on a biannual basis. Though still early in its B Corp journey, Gran Luchito is excited about what the future holds, and has plenty of products you can pick up in your local supermarket to support the company’s vision and impact. 

Add a burst of pineapple chipotle, creamy jalapeño or fiery habanero to your tacos, burritos, burgers, or salads to do your bit for people and the planet. 

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