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Cafédirect has been banging the drum for coffee farmers for far longer than it’s been a Benefit for all Corporation (B Corp). Since the coffee company’s beginnings in 1991, Cafédirect has been fighting to protect the future of coffee by putting farmers first, and ensuring they have access to the skills, support and power to make a living income. Between buying directly from farmers and paying them fairly, Cafédirect has invested heavily in making sure its products and ways of working respect the earth and the people making a living from it. Moreover, the company has gone to great lengths to be transparent and specific about its approach, so other coffee companies can follow its lead. 

“We have been a B Corp since 2018,” begins senior brand marketing manager, Malek Mokrani. “We were the first coffee brand to apply for certification. We’re a social enterprise so our success is based on how we affect the people and environment around us. B Corp is therefore a natural fit for us. We wanted to support certification that helped consumers make good choices. People don’t realise that being a B Corp is not an endpoint. You always have to strive to do better. Every year is a chance for us to look at ourselves and think about how we can improve. We’re currently scored ‘Outstanding’ but there’s always room for improvement.”

Malek continues, saying that Cafédirect’s goal is to make sure that drinking coffee today doesn’t stop us from drinking coffee tomorrow. For that to happen he says that people and the planet must be prioritised. Since 2019, the company has cut emissions by 37% and is currently the only UK-based coffee company with a science-backed roadmap to be net zero by 2040. 100% of Cafédirect’s packaging can be recycled, and the company prioritises buying organic coffee, which is always Fairtrade, to ensure the finished product tastes as good as it acts.  

Pick up a pack of Machu Picchu, a chocolatey, full-bodied and best-selling coffee, sourced directly from the Peruvian Andes, to turn an everyday ritual into a game changer that guarantees the future of good coffee.

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