The Mikkeller Guide to Copenhagen

We share our tips to immerse yourself in the world of Mikkeller during your stay in the beautiful city of Copenhagen.


We share our tips to immerse yourself in the world of Mikkeller during your stay in the beautiful city of Copenhagen. As well as enjoying the variety of Mikkeller bars throughout the city, we’ll also stop by To-ol’s brewpub, BRUS. Over a few glasses of their latest creations, we’ll learn all about their plans to bring high-end cuisine to the world of craft beer.

Before calling it a night, we’ll also grab a pint with Soren Wagner, the founder of Fermentoren, one of the city’s original craft beer hangouts. He’ll tell us all about his latest venture, Dry and Bitter brewery, and why it’s making waves as one of the rising stars of the Danish scene.

With so many great bars, you’re certainly in for a treat. And for such a small city, it’s hard to imagine how one brewery could have opened so many. “Do you think you can squeeze in anymore?” I asked the man himself, jokingly. “Well, we have some ideas for a Mexican restaurant and our barrel room venue, Baghaven, will be open soon,” Mikkel tells me. 

What is amazing is that when you visit each Mikkeller bar around the world, every one has its own identity. “We definitely aren’t running a franchise business,” Mikkel is keen to point out. With 28 different locations around the world, there’s a lot to explore and each bar is locally-oriented, reflecting the style of its host country. 

Visiting Mikkeller Tokyo is distinctly different to Mikkeller LA, but of course, all the while, every bar maintains the core elements that have given this brewery its esoteric reputation. And here in Copenhagen, you’ll find a range of different bars that are each unique and all worth a visit.  


We booked a table here for a midday boozy brunch to experience Mikkeller’s modern take on the traditional Danish open sandwich. Specialising in Smorrebrod; sliced rye bread topped with the likes of dill pickled herring with potatoes and mustard, and smoked eel with scrambled egg and chives.

The dishes come paired with a carefully-chosen selection of Mikkeller beers, as well as the likes of Frederiksdal cherry wine and Mikkeller / Meierer Beer Geek Riesling. You can also discover an incredible range of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish spirits. You’ll find an extensive and ambitious selection of aquavits, chosen to complement and enhance the food, ranging from rare vintages to more modern interpretations. 


A few steps along the road, the first bar stop on our tour has to be where it all began. This minimalist drinking hole, tucked away down some steps, is a sort of Mecca for beer geeks. One of Mikkeller’s most company-defining decisions was to open this place at a very early stage of the journey. 

When it opened its doors, a spiritual home for the brewery was instantly created. But it also meant it could control everything about how its beers were presented. With more than 1,000 Mikkeller beers in existence, having staff who know their way around the beer list and an environment where these beers can be enjoyed in the right way is crucial.  


This feminine, Scandinavian-style, multi-room bar is a great representation of Mikkeller’s design aesthetic. Everything here is designed to enhance the experience of tasting these great beers. With an amazing selection of beers on tap from Mikkeller, but also guest beers from many of the world’s best breweries, it’s a great spot to try a range of unusual and hard-to-find brews.  


Next door to Mikkeller and Friends is Mikkeller’s all-Belgian themed bar. Walking through the door, you could be forgiven for believing you’d arrived in Brussels. With all of the best Trappist, lambic and new-age Belgian beers available, you really get a sense of Mikkel’s respect for the motherland of so many of the beer styles that have inspired his range.  


An authentic Japanese ramen joint, created in partnership with Bento Copenhagen. Walk in, select your dish from a ticket dispenser that looks like it’s fresh from the streets of Tokyo and select your favourite Mikkeller beer from an authentic vending machine. Mikkel created a special Ramen beer for the occasion, so just wait for your order then slurp it all down.  


Torvehallerne is Copenhagen’s biggest market for artisan food and drink, with plenty of small outlets selling sourdough pizza, sushi and other kinds of street food. The Mikkeller & Friends Bottleshop features a wide selection of bottled beers from Mikkeller, To-ol, Three Floyds and other praiseworthy microbreweries from around the world. Here you’ll find the newest releases alongside some of the finest vintage beers available, as well as Mikkeller Spirits and wine. Explaining the shops name, Mikkel says: “All of our featured products are produced by people who share our mindset and our need to move boundaries; people we call friends.” You’ll find helpful staff who can talk you through the beers on the shelves and assist you in finding the perfect beer for your alfresco dining.  


’A cocktail bar for beer geeks’ is probably the best way to describe this cozy bar. Despite being focussed on spirits, it’s got ten beer taps and an awesome bottle list. Designed to challenge your taste buds, the bar produces its own range of tonics, sodas, bitters and other cocktail ingredients. The bar itself was made entirely from a single oak tree; chopped, sanded and carved into a bar top, 23 stools and six coated tables. Specialities include its Maple Old fashioned and a Whisky Sour Bourbon Lambic beer. Its founders aimed to create a bar where cocktail types and beer lovers would feel equally at home. 


In partnership with the cult American brewer 3 Floyds, creators of the heavily sought-after Dark Lord series, Warpigs Brewhouse is the ultimate marriage of Danish and American brewing. Walking through the doors, you can smell the faint aroma from one of Europe’s largest restaurant smokers operating out the back. Serving a very meat-heavy menu of Texan-style barbeque, smoked meats, pickles, sides and relishes, the pub is one of the popular hangouts between sessions of MBCC; being just a stone’s throw from the Oksnehallen venue in the city’s achingly cool Meatpacking District. 

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