The Cheese Bar x Beer52

A homage to le fromage


I like a restaurant whose name leaves no ambiguity around what you’re getting yourself into, and The Cheese Bar more than lives up to the implied promise (or threat, to the lactose intolerant). With a menu which ranges from a stilton, bacon and pear sandwich to a mega four-cheese fondue sharing pot, owner Matthew Carver has answered the question “how do you want your cheese?” with a succinct “all the ways, please”.

Matthew started his cheese wheeze selling toasties from a converted ice-cream van in Camden market, but established a more permanent home last year, with an expanded and constantly evolving range of fromage-based delicacies. And what a home it is: with exposed brickwork, tasteful lighting and an impressive central bar area, there’s not a cheese pun in sight in this hip Camden abode.

All the dishes are immaculately presented, in a way that absolutely revels in the runny, stringy, bubbly glory of the cheese, with golden crusts and yellow torrents of heart-bothering deliciousness. There’s plenty of theatre.

It probably goes without saying that The Cheese Bar has made a point of sourcing its ingredients from the very best artisanal cheesemakers from around the UK and beyond. And, while there’s plenty of variety in how they’re served, there are no gimmicks and the cheese is always the star of the show.

Creating the beerChris J.J. Heaney

“Putting this beer together was a lot of fun. We sat down with a bunch of cheeses and a box of dark beers and just got stuck in. Matthew and I decided pretty quickly that a Belgian abbey style was definitely the way to go, and we settled on a dubbel. Matthew picked up dark fruit and particularly fig flavours in this style, so we decided to dial that up a bit by adding actual fig to our beer, which gets fermented away so it’s not overly sweet. Rich, dark and boozy, this is great with a chunk of quality cheese at the end of a meal. A real treat.” 

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