The Good Egg x Beer52

Adventures in Jewish cuisine


The Good Egg’s founders Alex and Joel go way back, having met at school (they still play in a band with a bunch of other old schoolmates). Both pursued careers in music after university – Alex was a session musician and did a stint with Bombay Bicycle Club, while Joel was an acoustic engineer. The pair have also always been into making food (they once built a pizza oven together in Joel’s parents’ back garden) and were inspired in their youth by people like Antony Bourdain, David Chang and Michael Solomonov. 

“I think it was only natural that we eventually decided to venture into doing street food markets in 2013,” says Joel. “A year later we met The Good Egg’s third co-founder, Oded, who is from Tel Aviv and introduced us to his (now Insta-famous) babka. What we were doing together really took off, so we quickly started doing pop-ups, then residencies, and then we crowdfunded to open our first restaurant in Stoke Newington in 2015. The second place in Soho came almost exactly two years later.”

The basis for their foodie creations is their shared long-standing obsession with Jewish food, and the exciting variations that come from having such a large and diverse global diaspora. From the Jewish delis, grand old cafes and bagel bakeries of NYC and Montreal to the street food stalls of Tel Aviv and the food of the Middle East, there are so many flavour crossovers and such a huge pool of inspiration to dip into. 

Alex picks up the story: “We love smoking meat and fish, which fits in nicely with the fare of North America’s Jewish delis, and Middle Eastern herbs and spices like za’atar, sumac and baharat are never too far away either. We use all that as a base and then create and make something of our own from there... And it’s absolutely key for us that our ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced, too.”

One of the nicest aspects of the Good Egg is its enthusiasm for collaborations with like-minded producers from across the world. This year, Alex and Joel realised a long-standing ambition to tour some of their most-admired eating spots across North America, scoring a string of exciting collaborations as they went. Russ & Daughters, Joe Beef, Ivan Ramen, Black Seed Bagels, Fairmount Bagel, Glasserie, and Michael Solomonov’s Rooster Soup Co. all came on board, each bringing something absolutely amazing for The Good Egg to share. The restaurant is now collaborating with others here on home soil like Temper, Pizza Pilgrims, Wingmans and Cheesy Tiger. 

Of course, Alex and Joel’s latest collaboration is with Beer52, on a Vic Secret Single Hop IPA which nods toward the duo’s inspirational visit to Melbourne.

“Fraser and Chris came to our Stokey restaurant to meet us and we chatted about beery things, our menus and the ingredients we love. The beer will go perfectly with the dishes on our own menus. Our in-house designer Thom came up with the label, and we absolutely love it. It’s been a really exciting experience and we can’t wait to be able to serve the beers in our restaurants. Cheers Beer52!”

Creating the beerChris J.J. Heaney

“This single-hop IPA might just be the beer I’m most excited about in this month’s box. I’m such a massive fan of Vic Secret hops - I think they’re so versatile and really run the gamut of flavours and aromas, from super sweet soft fruits to earthy, to a little bit dank. And the fact that we’re using it consistently, right the way through the process, from the bittering hops in the boil, to the aroma hops at whirlpool, dry hops… We’re going to get so many different characters from that; it’ll be elegantly simple, but also beautifully complex.”

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