The dynamic trio

In partnership with Guinness Open Gate Brewery


What do you get when you combine one of the Bermondsey Beer Mile’s most restlessly creative, innovative and (often) downright weird breweries with the beery might of Guinness’ experimental Open Gate Brewery? The answer is every bit as intriguing as you might hope: three limited edition beers inspired by Europe’s ‘aperitivo’ bar tradition, brewed in collaboration with one of the capital’s hippest food-influenced mixologists.

Guinness Open Gate Brewery head brewer, Peter Simpson, and Partizan Brewing founder, Andy Smith, worked closely with world-renowned mixologist Alex Kratena when creating the beers. Kratena brought his vast knowledge of cocktails and aperitifs to the table, and hosted the launch party at his newly opened first bar, Tayēr + Elementary, in June.

La Brillante is a traditional pilsner that riffs on Champagne character, aged in Oloroso sherry barrels and presented in 750ml cork and cage Champagne style bottles. L’Amara (our favourite of the three) is a dry and delicate saison with botanicals, which borrows characteristics from the Amaro highball. Saving the weirdest to last (in a good way, we promise) L’Intensa is a rich, dark and complex ale, using botanicals sourced from Santa Vittoria Italy for a spicy punch and dry, tannic finish.

GOGB and Partizan Brewing may seem a bit of an unusual pairing, but Andy says the opportunity to work with his peers from a different part of the industry was a very fulfilling creative experience. “We at Partizan have always been inspired by the melting pot culture of the city we live and work in and always relish opportunities to break out of the echo chamber, eschewing the easy, cliquey, commercially driven partnerships that often present themselves and looking for more diverse, interesting projects to work on.”

The collaboration saw Peter travelling with Andy to Northern Italy, to gather inspiration and experiment with new recipes by dissecting classic formulas. “We've been working on these three beers for nearly a year,” says Peter. “We are always looking to explore new recipes, interpret old ones and experiment to bring exciting new beers to life at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery.”

As with all of Partizan’s brews, the unique label artwork was provided by Ferment favourite Alec Doherty. All three are available to try now at Tayēr + Elementary (Old Street, London), Partizan Brewery (Bermondsey, London), Guinness’ Open Gate Brewery (Dublin) and at:

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