The Alps

Ferment explores the Alps to find some pretty exceptional beers and breweries


From the time Hannibal decided elephants would be the best way to beat the traffic, the Alps have been a source of inspiration, awe and – most importantly – fun. So it really only makes sense that we'd find some pretty exceptional craft beers nestled among its imposing peaks and snug valleys. 

Covering all corners of the famous mountain range, we have Big Mountain, Brewery Popihn and Beer52 alumnus Ninkasi from France, White Pony and the wild Mister B from Italy, Reservoir Dogs and Tektonik from Slovenia, Bevog from Austria and ABK from Germany.

What we've found really exciting about putting this box together is the sheer range of approaches we've encountered. We have arguably the oldest traditional brewery in the world, ABK, rubbing shoulders with Italian enfant terrible Mister B. We have delicate, subtle old-world hops toe-to-toe with high-alpha US juice bombs. All brewed with the amazing water that being in such close proximity to the Alps more-or-less guarantees.

Moreover though, we hope each of these beers somehow captures the spirit of place it was brewed. As Big Mountain's Jack Geldard so eloquently puts it: "We really try and instil the lifestyle, that love of the mountain, in the beers we brew…"

Now that's a noble calling.

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