Nottingham city guide

This month, join us in Nottingham.


Pubs and bars

Canalhouse (48-52 Canal St, NG1 7EH)

The Canalhouse is an absolute dream of a pub, based in a Grade II listed former warehouse-turned-canal museum. It’s set upon a canal and even has two moored narrow boats below the bridge just as you walk in! It has a huge beer garden which I bet is a hit in the summer months, and the food is to die for - think unpretentious classic pub grub with somewhat of an American twist. Beer-wise, they have a great mix of cask real ale and keg world beers, and the atmosphere is super chill.

The Abdication (89 Mansfield Rd, Daybrook, NG5 6BH)

You (and your dog) are guaranteed a warm welcome in this cosy neighbourhood micropub. It’s been serving up great beer, with an emphasis on perfectly kept cask ales, since 2014 (though there are also a couple of well-chosen keg lines if you’re into that sort of thing). Directly opposite Nottingham’s Home Ales Brewery building, The Abdication even has its own resident micro brewer, Matt Grace. The net effect is cheeringly similar to sitting in a friend’s living room, drinking their homebrew.

Junkyard (12 Bridlesmith Walk, NG1 2FZ)

If you enjoy craft beer and deliciously dirty American diner-style food, this is the place for you. With 15 taps of local and world beers, and a fully stocked beer fridge for drinking in or taking away, it’s way too easy to spend too long here making your way through the beer list, chatting to the friendly bar staff, grazing on their food offerings, and just soaking up the cool atmosphere.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem (Brewhouse Yard, 1, NG1 6AD)

This pub is SO COOL - it’s centuries old (allegedly the oldest pub in England) and built into stone caves! It comprises quite a few different rooms and a beer garden, and there is so much to look at when you’re wandering around trying to find a seat. One of the rooms is haunted, there’s a chair that if sat upon can increase a woman’s chance of pregnancy, and there’s an old model ship encased in glass that’s covered in dust and grime, and legend has it that if you clean it you die. You’ve been warned! Oh, there’s a good selection of real ale, too.


Black Iris (Unit 1 Shipstone St, NG7 6GJ)

I’m not sure what Black Iris is more famous for - its great beer, or the fantastic pump clips and can art (designed by Kev Grey)! Established in 2011, this microbrewery has gone from strength to strength over the years, making bold, modern, delicious beers. From big-hitting West Coast/New England IPAs, to sour lambics or saisons, to decadently heavy stouts, this brewery is ~killing it~ and fast becoming a ‘hype’ brewery across the country.  

Neon Raptor (Sneinton Market, Unit 14 Avenue A, NG1 1DT)

Based in Sneinton Market, Neon Raptor has been captivating locals and craft beer fans with their tasty beers and eye-catching artwork for about three years, after winning a home-brew competition at Brewdog Nottingham. It doesn’t have a core range of beers, preferring to experiment along the way - so head to the taproom for the best chance at getting your hands on the most exclusive offerings (open Thursday-Sunday).

Totally Brewed (Wholesale Fruit & Flower Market, Unit 8-9, Clarke Rd, NG2 3JJ)

Totally Brewed makes forward-thinking, modern beers, in keg, cask and can, with branding that any geek or graphic novel-enthusiast will love. With beers ranging from NEIPAs to hazelnut stouts, there’s always something exciting to try. Head to the brewery’s Facebook page for updates on the beautiful Fuggles the Brewery Dog, as well - swoon!

Castle Rock (Queensbridge Rd, NG2 1NB)

This classic Nottingham brewery has been growing arms and legs since its inception in 1998 - with a wish to bring great real ale to the city, it has certainly succeeded, and now the brewery has started brewing more ‘modern’ beers. While Castle Rock started as one pub in 1977, it’s now merged into a pub group, with almost two dozen pubs around Nottingham serving up great local and national beer in relaxed settings.


Delilah Fine Foods (12 Victoria St, NG1 2EX)

This lovely deli and eatery is a must-visit if you’re in the area. High corniced ceilings, shelves chock-full of the finest foodstuffs, a stunning menu of breakfast bits, lunch bits, snacky bits and platters, and an expertly curated menu of wines and other drinks, you’ll want to spend ages mooching and eating here.

Doughnotts (14 King St, NG1 2AS)

For the most sublime donuts in the Midlands, if not the whole country, head here. Homemade every day with mouthwatering toppings, fillings and flavours ranging from the classics like jam and lemon curd to billionaire’s shortbread, cherry bakewell, and PB&J, plus options for vegans too… I’m drooling just writing this. 

Alchemilla (192 Derby Rd, NG7 1NF)

These guys do beautifully-plated multi-course fine dining which focuses on vegetables, but has enough meat featured to keep any carnivore happy. Occupying six previously abandoned red brick arches, the atmosphere is almost as impressive as the food, and to give you an idea of how much of a mark they’ve made on the restaurant scene since their opening a mere two years ago, they were recently awarded their first Michelin star.

Annie’s Burger Shack (5 Broadway, NG1 1PR)

Oh dear god, just please go if you’re in the area. They have over THIRTY burger options, which are all available meaty, veggie or vegan. Yep, all of them. With all sorts of toppings and accompaniments inspired by owner Annie’s upbringing in Rhode Island. Bring your friends, get a pitcher of beer, and enjoy your time at this fun, quirky spot.

What to do in Nottingham

Sneinton Market

Sneinton Market, in the Creative Quarter, is the place to go for a mooch around, or an afternoon with friends. There’s a whole range of exciting indy businesses including artists, musicians, creative agencies, food producers, designers and makers, and of course Neon Raptor! Stop by the markets for a coffee or a beer, have a bite to eat, then head to The Shop at Sneinton Market – to browse for gifts - #ShopLocal always!

City of Caves

Does what it says on the tin - Nottingham has an underground hidden network of over 500 original sandstone caves which date back to the dark ages. While you’re taken on a tour of the caves you’ll learn about local social history while you’re exploring, and find out what the caves have been used for over the years, but most importantly you’ll get a chance to marvel at this amazing piece of history.

Explore the city on foot 

Nottingham is a relatively small city - you can get from one side to the other in under half an hour on foot! Take a walk around and you’ll be able to peruse lots of cool things such as the cathedral, the Robin Hood statue, the Arboretum, the gorgeous Church of St Mary the Virgin, Green’s Windmill, Stonebridge City Farm, and the Forest Recreation Ground. Not to mention the splendid mix of Victorian, Georgian and modern architecture throughout the city, which is utterly charming.

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