International Women's Day 2020



This March, the women of Beer52 downed tools and headed to London’s Wild Card brewery, for a special team brew celebrating International Women’s Day (included in this month's box, page 87). It was quite a crowd that gathered to listen to head brewer Jaega Wise give an introductory talk on the process, and let us feel and taste the raw ingredients. For those of us who had never brewed before – or at least not on this scale – it was a surprisingly hands-on experience, and Jaega had to crack the whip during mashing in, to keep things moving along.

Once the brew was on, we headed up to the mezzanine for a hop workshop, which consisted of working through eight different hops, smelling them, rubbing them, feeling the texture. Despite not having a single brewer at our table, we were surprised (and perhaps a little smug) to win the subsequent quiz, in which we had to identify the same hops blind.

The beers we won were cheerfully consumed over lunch, followed by a couple more during the group photo (which took a while, as we were all quite tipsy by this point). Then, after a few more selfies, it was sadly time to leave. All of us had such a great time, and we met inspiring women from the industry, whether they were brewers, pub owners or miscellaneous beer folk like us. We definitely felt the girl power that day.

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