Get to know the hottest hop in the world just now with Dogma's SMASH Sabro.


One of the beers we’re most excited about sharing with you from this box is Dogma’s Sabro SMASH. If you’re not yet familiar with Sabro, you need to peek out from under that rock and educate yourself about the hottest hop in the world just now, from the legendary Hop Breeding Company (HBC) in California’s Yakima Valley. 

Previously known simply as HBC 438 (all of the company’s experimental hops carry similar designations) Sabro is, if you’re a hop nerd, a very special beast indeed. Whereas most US hops have their roots (literal and figurative) in European varieties, Sabro has been bred from neomexicanus, a genetically distinct subspecies of wild hop found in the mountains of New Mexico, and domesticated over two decades for commercial cultivation by the boffins at HBC.

So why the fuss? In a nutshell, Sabro’s main character notes read like a checklist of aromas and flavours that craft beer lovers go wild for: complex fruit and citrus, including tangerine, apricot, peach, mango coconut, cedar and even herbal notes such as mint. Phew. Sabro was first released onto the market in 2018, so we’re only just seeing it come through in any quantity, but there’s already huge excitement and demand.

We’re very lucky this month to have a single malt and single hop (SMASH) brew featuring Sabro, from Serbia’s IPA master, Dogma. I was looking forward to catching up with my good friend and Dogma founder Vladimir about this amazing beer, but he sadly got into a one-sided fight with a car and is currently recuperating. Best wishes and get well soon from everyone at Beer52 Vlado, and until we can chat properly, we’ll just let the unfortunately-named SMASH do the talking.

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