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This month Ollie Peart examines public health policy in the idiocracy


The last few weeks have seen the online world make a move against hate speech. Katie Hopkins was culled from Twitter for her regular racist rhetoric, Reddit has ditched over 2000 subreddits which broke it’s rules, including a prolific pro Trump sub, r/The_Donald and Facebook has suffered a serious advertising boycott from major businesses until it does something about hate speech on the platform. Good stuff.

Fine, a lot of the move is fuelled by profit. We’re way more woke these days and we don’t want to buy our trainers from a company who advertise on a website full of racist memes. But so what, power to the people, it’s moving in the right direction, albeit too little and FAR, FAR too late. Hate speech is one thing, misinformation is another, and something drastic needs to be done. 

The other day while thumbing through my phone, I stumbled across a post from a prominent sports ‘influencer’. I would say personality but you don’t know who he is and fuck me, there isn’t an ounce of personality in his chiselled body anyway. Whatever. He has 82k followers on Instagram, 17k on Facebook, 13k on Twitter and almost 25k Youtube subscribers. So, not massive, but massive enough for people to take notice, like me.

He’d shared a pretty long Facebook post where the original poster claimed they had called Poison Control and asked them about some obscure ingredients to see if they were poison; Tween 80, phenoxyethanol and a bunch of others which are too boring to type out.

Once it was confirmed they were poison, they asked the made up person on the other end of the phone what would happen to them if they injected their child with it. The response was (fucking apparently, jeeeez).... ‘Odd question... But you’d likely be charged with criminal negligence... perhaps with intent to kill... and of course child abuse... Your child would be taken away from you... Do you know of someone who’s doing this to their child? This is criminal…’

My bullshit alarm is going off so fucking loud the windows have cracked. I’m furious. A vegan pro-health super-fit fuck bucket (with no children) is on the internet, actively encouraging people to ditch vaccines. His post, quite literally, could cost a child their life. It really is that serious.

His post, quite literally, could cost a child their life. It really is that serious.

To lend the post some legitimacy there are a number of links to various PDF files, from legitimate sources too. One of them is from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) which shows in detail what ingredients can be found in vaccines. It’s a very long list with very long words which most people, including myself, have no idea what they mean. Our natural compulsion when faced with something we don’t understand, is to fear it, like a maths test or brown shoes with boot cut jeans. The creators of these posts know that. They are chief manipulators of information, masquerading as fact finders when really they are just killing kids. 

And this is the thing, we can get annoyed by it and rant about it or whatever, but these people are actually killing children. In 2018 86% of the world’s children were vaccinated against various diseases preventing three million deaths. THREE MILLION!!! Even so, 1.5 million died prematurely from a vaccine preventable illness, they didn’t get a vaccine. These twats are encouraging people to not get vaccinated. It gets worse.

 In 2019 misinformation around vaccinations lead to measles outbreaks reaching emergency levels in the United States, Philippines, Ukraine, Venezuela, Brazil, Italy, France, and Japan. This information is from the same website cited in the original post as a reason not to be vaccinated. 

These people are carvers of crap, sculptures of scandal, they whittle wank and spout spaff all for attention. Their narcissism needs feeding, but void of any other talent they turn to bullshit for their hit. We need to cut off their stream. We need to bin these people off the internet and send them to education centres to learn from understanding and educated doctors as to why vaccines are there to save lives, not help their social media accounts.

Misinformation is subtle. It’s not as obvious as hate speech. It does a better job at disguising as free speech, but it isn’t. If it isn’t caught soon it grows and grows like an incurable cancer until it kills off logic and reason in whole swathes of the population, blinding them to any common sense that tries to make itself known to them.

The big tech companies need to take a firmer hand with misinformation. Progress is being made, but like hate speech, not enough is happening and it’s not happening fast enough.

I reported the post and requested the chap who shared it had a little rethink. Next time I won’t be so polite, and neither should you. 

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