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Since 2007, Moor Beer has been at the heart of the Bristol craft beer scene that has grown up around it. It’s advocated for smaller breweries, spoken out in support of the industry as a whole, and acted as a bridge between the often antagonistic worlds of US-inspired craft brewing and traditional British real ale. Thirteen years down the line, the team is still pushing the boundaries, whether it’s preaching lager to the CAMRA crowd or bringing a slice of Bristolian hospitality to the heart of London.

For the uninitiated, Moor was founded by Californian Justin Hawke in 2007, who had developed a taste for European beer – and particularly English cask ale – when he was stationed in Germany on army service. When he left the army, Justin brewed for a time in San Francisco, but he and his wife Maryann held onto the dream of moving to the UK and brewing in the traditional style. They were touring the West Country in 2004 when they came across the closed Moor Brewery. They bought the company and moved it to Bristol, an exciting, liberal city they immediately fell in love with.

“Bristol has always been a very open and forward thinking city, not surprising given its location at the crossroads of the South West, Wales, London, the North, and across the seas,” says Justin. “You can see this in everything from Bristol’s famed street art to music, food and drink. This confluence of ideas and influences has enabled a large brewing community to become established, many of which have distinct and defined purposes. The ease of getting around the city by foot, bike and public transport helps thirsty locals and tourists to visit a wide range of excellent places to drink, from old school locals to modern establishments, and brewery taps like ours.”

In the box: DISTORTION

Justin says: “Distortion is our new core beer. We had it in the works since before the pandemic, and rather than wait until life was back to normal we thought we’d launch it last summer to bring some cheer to people, which it most certainly did. The name quite clearly puts a firm emphasis on our loud music connections, and also helps support the unwavering focus we’ve had for 14 years now on live beer. 

“As always, Ben King nailed the simple yet powerful artwork, and we think we nailed the beer in being the perfect Session IPA. With Distortion you get a 4.7% Mosaic led berry and tropical fruit profile that sits distinctly yet perfectly alongside the other hop forward beers in our range. And as with all our beers, it still retains an amazing balance, drinkability, and natural carbonation in our original vegan friendly offering. We hope that Beer52 drinkers get that strong sense of purpose and want to take it with them everywhere. Live life, drink live!”

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