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Copenhagen's To Øl


Loved and respected not just in Denmark but across the craft drinking world, To Øl (meaning “two beers” in Danish) has earned a reputation for its innovative brewing and unique branding. Its story starts in 2005, when co-founders Tore Gynther and Tobias Emil Jensen commandeered their high school kitchen and an armful of chemistry equipment, to set up their own ultra-micro brewing lab. Five years later, the pair launched their first commercial brew.

Along with Mikkeller, To Øl helped popularise the concept of cuckoo brewing, using other breweries’ spare capacity for its output for almost a decade. In 2019, it took over a former food factory in the Western part of Zealand to create its very own brewery (and “craft beverage hub”), To Øl city.

To Øl’s heart is still firmly in Copenhagen though, and it still brews from its legendary brewpub and restaurant, BRUS in Nørrebro.

The brewery’s Simon Dehaney says: “BRUS gives us a connection to Copenhagen and allows us to nestle up against other revered institutions such as Warpigs, Fermentoren, Himmeriget and of course several Mikkeller bars including their Baghaven sour facility. So in short, theres an abundance of great bars providing inspiration, alongside the obvious refreshment of course.”

In the box: HOUSE OF PALE

House Of Pale was a recipe born from our beloved BRUS. Given we can go from tank to glass in seconds, it provided a great test bed to see how fresh we really could make our next generation of pales and IPAs. The aim was to make a full bodied, balanced but ultimately smooth pale ale that could be deemed as a sessionable beer. It’s not a high-ABV show pony, more an expression of how we could make the beer consistent, quaffable and juicy all in the same throw and get people coming back for more. 

“That recipe is now scaled up to our new brewery facility in Svinninge (80k west of Copenhagen) without compromise. We hope the Beer52 peeps will enjoy this, a New England Pale ale with Ekuanot and Mosaic hops. It’s seen many changes and tweaks in the past year, experimenting with hop doses and overall ‘crispiness’ and now we’re pretty sure we’ve got exactly what we’ve been looking for.” 

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