Aberdeen's Fierce Beer


Often, it’s not the loudest dog that’s the fiercest, and this is especially true of Aberdeenshire breweries. Founded in 2016 by husband and wife team Dave and Louise Grant, Fierce Beer’s adventurous, flavour-led approach to brewing has made it a household name, particularly among gastronomes and fans (like us) of a well crafted sour.

From humble beginnings, Fierce has grown in volume and ambition, opening bars in several cities, starting its own wild fermentation and barrel ageing programme, and picking up an obscene number of awards. With the whole team widely regarded as some of the nicest people in craft, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer brewery.

Louise and Dave will be the first to tell you they’ve had a lot of support along the way, from the local community, the council and even from their large craft neighbours. For a city that’s had its share of problems over the past decade, Aberdeen’s craft beer is one of its crowning achievements, and Fierce is a jewel in that crown. 

“We think Aberdeen is unbeatable for a great range of craft bars in a small, walkable city centre. Aside from Fierce bar with its 20 taps of awesomeness, we are lucky to have three Brewdog bars, a 6 Degrees North taproom, CASC bar which has a great selection of craft beer, plus whisky and cigars too and also The Craftsman and The Ivy – both selling a solid range of craft. All these bars can fit inside a half mile radius. Then of course we have The Grill, a city hot spot for whisky and beer that is world famous.”

In addition to its welcoming culture though, Aberdeen is superbly set up for the technical aspects of brewing, as Dave explains.

“Aberdeen has great water; it has low levels of minerality and is a great blank canvass to make a broad range of beers. This means we don’t really need to specialise in any particular style. It also has great produce on its doorstep, including local barley, oats and some fruit as well that we use regularly in beer making.”

In the box: Hop Squad Chinook

“We decided to make an IPA that crossed over geographies, bringing the best parts of both with it and blending them together,” says Dave. “It has the soft juicy haziness of an East Coast IPA, but holds onto some bitterness of a West Coast style IPA. It uses classic West Coast hops: Cascade and Chinook that bring grapefruit pith and piney resin, which is smoothed off with Citra for extra juiciness.”

The result is a great all-rounder. Soft and juicy with a little bitterness. Slight haze but not full on dank/soupy. Grapefruit, Pine and Citrus.

“It is a beer that you could go back to again and again.”

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