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Although Seven Bro7hers is currently celebrating its seventh birthday (with a series of seven 7% beers, obviously) we’re embarrassed to say they only came onto our radar last year. We’re making up for lost time though, as the brothers have become firm favourites around Beer52 HQ. For those wondering, it’s not some sort of archly ironic name; the brewery really is run by seven brothers, inspired/cajoled into business together by their homebrew-mad dad, Eric.

We caught up with Kit, brother number five (we presume chronologically), to hear more about what the brewery’s been up to since last summer, and why Manchester is a world class beer city.

“We did pretty well selling drive-thru at the start of lockdown - that was good fun,” he says. “Our four sisters make gin on the same industrial estate as us, so for a while there we had a good system going where people would come in, pick up their orders, there was a turning circle at the end. But then the rules changed and we had to stop.”

Shortly before lockdown hit, the brewery had opened up a second pub – its first, in the now-popular Ancoats area – having been a huge success. It’s in Salford, just on the border with Manchester and a rising beery location in its own right. There are also plans afoot to open what is essentially a Seven Bro7hers franchise bar in Manchester airport - a sure sign that the brothers have hit the big time. 

Fundamentally though, you can just sense that Kit is happy to be part of the city’s beer community, and he’s full of admiration for his neighbours, not just in Manchester, but places like Salford, Chorley, Didsbury and Eccles. 

“You don’t really need to go far to find great breweries in Manchester,” he continues. “We started around the same time, there’s quite a lot of them actually: Track, Cloudwater, Wander Beyond, First Chop. And then there’s a bunch of great newer names like our neighbours Pomona.

“It was amazing, when we first started on this journey, I remember visiting breweries and every everywhere I went, everyone was just so willing to share experience and information. I’ve never known anything like it, whether it’s brewing knowledge or things like help with boilers. So, for example, our kit is steam powered, so we’ve been working a lot with Marble lately. Cloudwater I guess is the biggest name craft brewer among us now. What they’ve achieved is incredible, putting Manchester on the map like that.”

I’m still curious about the series of seventh birthday beers, as Kit’s brew will be the first released. So what has he gone for? “My favourite snack of all time is a peanut butter Jaffa Cake. So I’m trying to emulate that in a beer.” Peanut butter Jaffa Cakes? Did I miss something? “Oh, no… It’s just a normal Jaffa Cake and then you put peanut butter on top of it. Honestly, you should try it.”

I will, Kit. I will.

In the box: SABRO IPA

This is one we’ve put together just for Beer52. We’re really happy with it - Sabro is such an interesting hop. It’s got a really good balance; the bitterness is spot on, it’s got a little bit of sweetness on the nose, with a really good hoppy aroma. So this is a live refreshing IPA premium, extra pale malt, multi, naked oats and texture, reduction and a little bit of body. And soft, soft mouthfeel. It’s dry hopped exclusively with Sabro, giving it loads of fruity flavours and a hint of coconut.

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