London's Orbit


One of London’s most exciting and respected breweries of the past few years, Orbit is known for being fiercely independent, with a focus on perfecting well-balanced, drinkable brews in traditional - and often technically challenging - styles. 

It’s also a quintessentially London outfit, based in a pair of Walworth railway arches, which house the brewery itself and a popular local taproom (lockdown notwithstanding).

“London has a wonderful heritage of brewing, beers and pubs, and particularly relating to Porter, for which the local water was historically suited to brewing,” says Robbie Sykes, the brewery’s operations manager. “It’s great to be surrounded by the brewing stories from our city and to use them as inspiration.”

“Modern day London also hosts a fantastic amount of pubs, restaurants, bottle shops, cafes and the like offering great beer. You’re never far from a quality option, often these days served by knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff as beer has really seeped in to the consciousness of the local population over the last 10 years.”

“Finally it’s great to see the London beer community and wider beer industry being progressive and forward thinking in terms of beer production, but also in how we support staff and others within the broader community… That’s really evident in London and it’s great to see and feel that warmth.”

In the box: DEAD WAX

“We are immensely proud of Dead Wax,” says Robbie. “Like all our core beers, it has simplicity and elegance at its core… We were determined to brew something that really paid homage to the city of London and the style of porter that it was famous for. So we elected to use a nice chunk of both brown and amber malts in the grist to help replicate the malty richness of the porters of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. 

“Hopefully Beer52 subscribers will really appreciate the depth of flavour that a more complex malt bill helps to create – with chocolate, malty biscuit, caramel, coffee, tobacco and black treacle all in evidence.”

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