Two Tribes

London's Two Tribes


Setting out in 2011, with successful careers in the music and creative industries already under their belts, Justin and Niki Deighton certainly took a gamble when they went all-in on their dream of taking on a craft brewery. But their determination “never to half-arse anything” and strategy of growing through collaborations paid off, making their project, Two Tribes, a hugely respected, award-winning outfit.

A full decade later, the pair have opened a lush brewery and taproom in London’s King’s Cross (while keeping their original site) and expanded Two Tribes’ focus beyond collaboration, to creating great beers under its own flag. Understandably, the move created a real buzz in the capital - among fans old and new - and the Capital adventure got off to a flying start. 

Despite the privations of lockdown, Two Tribes’ successful expansion from keg to can has allowed it to keep trading, and its excellent, consistent core range is selling well. 

“We love being in London,” says Justin. “It’s a bustling hub of creativity, which is at the heart of what Two Tribes is all about. We work closely with other creative minds and we think of our beer as a conduit, bringing people together. We’re a craft brewery with a spirit of collaboration, so we couldn’t be based anywhere else and do what we do.

“The craft beer scene is London has shifted from being only a handful of decent taprooms and bars to becoming community hubs. People want to support independent, they want to support local, and the craft scene is so genuinely passionate about being innovative and giving back.”

In this spirit, the brewery is launching a new concept at its brewery in King’s Cross this April: CAMPFIRE, which is part community hub, part entertainment space. The bar is centred around an open-fire pit where live-fire chefs serve up food to a backdrop of visiting DJs and musicians, many who are resident at the recording studios and record labels located nearby.

“Even though it’s been a challenging year, we feel galvanised and we’re so excited about the future of craft beer in this great city.”

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