Gipsy Hill

London's Gipsy Hill


From its leafy South London suburb, Gipsy Hill has been turning out some of the UK’s most fun, sessionable and downright delicious beers since 2013. Its cans are instantly recognisable, bearing cartoonified members of the brewery team (and the occasional lucky collaborator) in a variety of outdoor settings - right now, that’s downright aspirational.

In recent years, Gipsy Hill has been at the forefront of the trend toward lower-abv brews, adapting its signature big-flavour approach for more sessionable strengths, and finding legions of new fans in the process. For us, Gipsy Hill beers are always best enjoyed sitting in one of London’s Royal Parks, in the afternoon sunshine, with good friends.

Sales director Patrick Thompson, says: “London’s magic. We’re so lucky that we’ve carved out a little corner of it for our brewery and Taproom. If you come down to see us, you’d never guess we were there, but just tucked behind a retirement home, and alongside some terraced houses is our brewing heart. 

“The local community is amazing - we’ve missed them so much this year. They care about good quality beer, they care about what we’re trying to do, and they support us in it by coming down to visit. It’s symbiotic, mutual, and just great fun. Having the facility to make some of the best beers in the country is the result of so much hard work, but when we’ve got such a lovely warm reception from our locals and community, it just validates the whole thing and gives a huge sense of pride.”


“Beachballer is a great IPA. We’ve played around a bit with our Baller core range base beer to make something that’s a bit stronger, with a few more hops to lift it even more and make it sing. I guess it’s a fun, balanced, super flavourful beer using some really full, characterful yeast. You get stonefruits and apricots from those yeast ester flavours, and nice bouncy hop top notes from the citra cryo and then a bit of a smack of bitterness and pine from the classic Chinook.”

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