Brew York

A keg-centric modern craft brewery


Since starting brewing in just 2016, Brew York - the brewery and its excellent taproom - have become a true institution. Not bad for a keg-centric modern craft brewery setting up inside the ancient walls of Britain’s most historical beer city. 

We love them here at Beer52, and write about them regularly, but for anyone unfamiliar with the back-story, co-founders Lee Grabham and Wayne Smith met on a friend’s stag weekend and bonded over their shared love of homebrew. After winning several competitions together, they quit their day jobs to pursue the craft beer fairytale.

Stylistically, Brew York’s brewing started out on a pretty bold foot, considering they’re in the middle of cask country, with big, strong beers in the US craft mould: DIPAs, bitter pales, imperial stouts. As the years have passed and acceptance has grown in its local market, the team has obviously had fun seeing how much it can get away with, and its more wild concoctions - with names like Rhubarbra Streisand and Goose Willis - have often done best at the tap.

It’s managed to keep busy over lockdown, doing a roaring trade through its online store, and taken the opportunity to expand its capacity, which was sorely stretched at the beginning of 2020. Its brand new brewhouse, still in York, will have capacity to brew 3-4 times a day, but will have plenty of space to spare for future growth. 

Although we didn’t make it to York this time, we can’t wait to catch up properly with the whole team very soon.



This beer is a liquid homage to the Raspberry Pi, a revolutionary single-board general purpose computer, designed in Britain and launched in 2012. Originally intended to bolster the teaching of computer science in developing countries, the Pi has found devotees the world over, and has evolved over several iterations to become a very capable, low-cost option for everything from desktop computing to industrial automation. It is today one of the best selling British computers ever made. The beer, another great British innovation, is flavoured with raspberries, with a creamy, pie-like mouthfeel.

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