Bad Co.

Introducing one of the most respected breweries in Yorkshire


Having previously run successful businesses in engineering and supercar manufacture, David Brown’s craft brewing venture was also destined to have a heavy emphasis on quality and detail. And sure enough, his fastidious approach has propelled Bad Co Brewing and Distilling to ever greater success, making it one of the most respected breweries in Yorkshire.

When lockdown first hit, the team was among the first to refocus onto web sales, leading to a huge spike in sales.

“When we went into the first lockdown our website really took off and sales increased around 90%, which was great, things calmed down a little over the year but our supermarket and online customers have kept us very busy,” says David’s son Matt, who also now works for the business. “Things have been a challenge, supplies of materials have been hard to come by and adapting to working in a different way has been difficult, but we are optimistic now that things are going in the right direction for us all.”

Although Bad Co’s beers are now available all over the country, it still proudly identifies as a Yorkshire brewery, and is a strong advocate not only for the local beer scene, for the county in general.

“Being in the Yorkshire edition is something we definitely didn’t want to miss out on. We are for the most part a company of Yorkshire men and woman. It’s such a great county with so much going on, we all make the most of what’s around us whether that’s hiking up in the Yorkshire moors or cycling some of the great routes around here.

“You can always call into a local pub and find a local beer; we have so many established and up and coming breweries in the county that there really is something for every taste. We contract package beer for lots of smaller breweries from the area and it’s amazing to see how creative people are being with recipes while at the same time finding their customer base.”



Easy Now was a beer that was inspired by a conversation about how there are so many great NEIPAs around , but that there really wasn’t that many that you could have a session on. The recipe was born and after a couple of test brews we found a Neipa that wasn’t lacking in flavour but was a low abv, we brewed this last year as a special, heading into cask, keg and can. It was really well received in pubs bars and shops. When we spoke to Beer52 about which beer we would like to put forward , this was a no brainer and one we wanted to brew again. We really love this beer and hope your subscribers do too. 

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