Cocktail of the month: Mai Tai

A refreshing take on the classic recipe


We love a Tiki bar here at Ferment - it’s the perfect blend of taking something inherently silly and treating it with the utmost seriousness - and the Tiki classic Mai-Tai is the ultimate test of such establishments. In short, if they dump a sachet of goop into a glass and top it off with rum, you know your evening has just taken a bad but potentially exciting turn.

A good Mai-Tai, however, has all the fun and vivacity of Tiki with zesty, fruity freshness and deep, booming bass notes from the booze. Since we’re in Yorkshire, we’ve used Masons Tea Edition Gin as our base spirit; controversial, possibly, but by gum it works. Leaning heavily on the bergamot, this brew-inspired gin lends the ‘Mai-Tea’ a sophisticated perfumed quality, which really lifts the sweet and sour elements for a refreshing take on the classic recipe.

How to make a Mason's gin Mai Tai


  • 50ml Masons Tea Edition Gin
  • 20ml Lime Juice
  • 15ml Strawberry Syrup
  • 15ml Sacred Spiced Vermouth
  • 30ml Orange Juice
  • 20ml Pineapple Juice


  • Fill a rocks glass with ice and leave to chill for two minutes
  • Shake all the indredients with ice until mixed. 
  • Fine strain into the glass and garnish with dehydrated pineapple or orange.

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