Let the adventure continue

A note from our founders


This issue of Ferment is all about getting out and about, enjoying the summer and finding the big and small adventures that exist right on your doorstep. We at Beer52 understand and appreciate what a privilege this is, and have always felt very strongly that we share in a collective responsibility to protect our natural environment for future generations of beery adventurers.

That’s why we’ve been working hard over the past few years to minimise our carbon impact, as part of the UN Climate Neutral Now Initiative. For a business that uses a lot of packaging and complex logistics – often bringing beer across the world to be drunk fresh by our members – this has been a huge challenge, requiring creative thinking in every step of the process.

But with a lot of work and expert help, we have finally reached our long term goal of becoming a Carbon Neutral Business; one of fewer than 200 worldwide to be accredited under the OCW Carbon Neutral International Standard. As we celebrate our eighth birthday, this accreditation is among the most important things we’ve ever achieved; it’s certainly the one of which we’re most proud.

But we also recognise that it’s a milestone in an ongoing journey, rather than a destination itself. It does not in any way exempt us from the urgent collective need to do more – much more – to change our current trajectory as a species, with regard to climate change and the despoilment of our irreplicable natural environments.

So we’ll keep looking for new ways to ensure we’re part of the solution, and would love to hear your ideas for how we can do better as a business in the future.


James Brown and Fraser Doherty

Founders, Beer52

Andrew Bowen, CEO of One Carbon World: 

“We are thrilled to announce that Beer52 has achieved both the Carbon Neutral International Standard and the United Nations Climate Neutral Now Initiative participation - a world first! We are also proud to announce that they are carbon neutral for all the footprint that was measured. This clearly shows how strongly they are committed to sustainability. Every emission Beer52 has offset directly supports reforestation programmes, as well as renewable energy and hydro projects worldwide. Well done on your journey to carbon neutrality!’’ 

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