Love International

Collaboration beer with Love International Festival


The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted that one of the beers in this month’s box is a collaboration with the Love International Festival. Without getting too deep into the history of the thing, when David and Garden decided to focus on the brewery after 11 years of running the Garden Festival, they handed over the reins to the owners of the Bristol-based Love Inn, who run a summer-long programme of events under the Love International banner. Garden has stayed closely involved. 

“The Love International people are great, and the crap news is that just last week they had to cancel this year, because the travel restrictions are still too uncertain and they had trouble getting the insurance,” says David. “So the first one has been cancelled, then we’re involved with another six or so throughout July and August. A couple of those may need to be postponed, so it looks like we’ll start the season properly around 23 July, and it then runs to mid-September.

“A large portion – 70 to 80% – of the guests are from the UK, right? Love International is the classic example; it’s UK folk taking their group, their tribe or whatever, and having an amazing holiday by the sea. It’s a stunning site we have, and the capacity is limited to 5000 people so you’ve got loads of space. It’s based around an old olive farm, but we also rent out a private island, so we can have boat parties and just loads of fun dancing on the crystal clear Adriatic. 

“It’s one of those experiences you can’t really get anywhere any more. It’s not overly commercial, there’s no banners or sales anywhere. You’re just outside dancing till late at night, on an isolated bit of coast, just left alone by the rest of the world, where most of these sort of places have had all the fun developed out of them. 

“It was really this sort of experience and atmosphere that got us brewing in the first place, so we can’t wait to get back out there, whenever it happens.”

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