Howdah: the perfect beer snack

Deliciously moreish and truly authentic


This month’s Beer52 box features Howdah, a mission-led brand that makes deliciously moreish and truly authentic, modern Indian snacks that give back; every pack it sells buys a free school lunch for a child in need in India. 

Howdah is giving you the chance to sample its truly authentic and innovative Onion Bhaji Half Moons, inspired by the ubiquitous culinary icon. Ideal for sharing, they can be devoured on their own, or served as a delicious entertaining snack or paired with a delicious Lager, Stout or IPA.  

Howdah’s Onion Bhaji Half Moons are tasty, aromatic, crunchy crescent-shaped snacks made from a lively blend of mellow onion, zesty turmeric, and a little kick of chilli. The range is 100% plant-based and free from artificial flavours and preservatives.

Howdah’s eclectic snacks are made from Founder Falu Shah’s centuries-old family recipes and brand-new innovations, inspired by the most exciting Indian street food. The delightful nibble available in your Beer52 box is based on that UK favourite, the onion bhaji. Often called bhajji, bhajiya or bajji, they are traditionally deep-fried snacks originating in the Indian state of Maharashtra, where they are still eaten during the monsoon season, when the climate cools after a hot summer. 

Howdah’s Onion Bhaji Half Moons are available to buy from Sainsbury’s [RRP: £2.60 per 150g] alongside the brand’s truly authentic Bombay Mix edition. 

Howdah’s Mission

Howdah was founded by Indian entrepreneur Falu Shah, who wanted to create a snack that would give back. Falu’s vision was to combine a great product with a good cause, to empower consumers to feed the future, one delicious bite at a time.

Millions of children miss out on education because of hunger every year in India. However, Howdah’s brilliantly simple one-snack-one-meal initiative encourages children to attend school and gain an education, by providing free meals. Falu’s mission is to give away one million meals by the end of 2021, with 260,000 delivered so far.

There are four editions in the Howdah range in addition to the the Onion Bhaji crunchy half-moons including:

Bombay Mix is the UK’s first truly authentic crunchy jumble of roasted peanuts, cashews, lentils and more, all tossed in a sweet and salty signature blend of aromatic spices. 

Bakarwadi is a delightfully miniature pinwheel of pastry, rippled with a sweetly warming blend of spices and is a traditional sweet and spicy snack.

Masala Dippers are moreish flatbread bites, spiced with feisty chilli, earthy cumin, and a touch of tangy turmeric. Perfect dipped in a minty pickle or something cool and creamy.

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